Jack Garratt Tickets and Dates

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1. Tickets may only be purchased by individuals for personal use. Tickets may not be purchased by brokers, businesses, traders or for business or trade purposes, nor be offered for re-sale for profit or commercial gain. 2. This ticket is sold by the Promoter directly to the Consumer. Any tickets purchased by business or traders in breach of the Terms & Conditions will be cancelled. 3. This ticket is a personal, revocable licence and at all times remains the property of the Promoter. This ticket must be surrendered to the Promoter upon request. 4. This ticket will immediately become invalid if resold or offered for sale unless the sale is through The Artist's official face-value resale partner, Twickets, or See's fan to fan service. Tickets purchased or sold via third parties andother unauthorised outlets such as Viagogo and Stubhub, including online auctionsites, are not valid for admission. Reselling a ticket makes it void and the ticketholder may be refused entry. 5. Tickets are limited to a maximum of 4 tickets per person. 6. Name of lead booker will be printed on your ticket, ID matching the lead booker is required for entry. Lead booker and their party must arrive together.